Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Flowers

Spider Lily!  

Every fall I see these flowers popping up in yards up and down the highway and never saw them up close to identify them until a few days ago.  Spider lilies.  I think they are fantastic and Robert brought me this one from across the road after he mowed the ditch last weekend.  Our neighbors across the highway were an older couple and the husband passed away a couple of years ago and the wife moved out of the house shortly after leaving it to sit empty for the last two years.  When their huge batch of spider lilies popped up last weekend I asked Robert what he thought about me taking a shovel and bucket over there late one night and by the light of the moon digging up all the flower bulbs I could carry.  He thought I might be better served to wait and see what decision the highway department makes on the property.  As the highway department gets closer to turning our highway into a four-lane we have many reasons to hope they take less of our property and more of the property across the road.  If they do take our neighbors' property I will make sure those lilies find a new home and don't end up in the path of the Walmart trucks that fly past our place.  


Zinnia bouquets are ready to head to Hillcrest tomorrow morning.

Along with three cases of beautiful zephry squash!  

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