Monday, January 2, 2012


I feel like the garlic came up earlier this year than it did last year but apparently I didn't take very good notes last year because I can't seem to come up with a date for it's arrival.  This year marks the third year that we have grown and re-planted our own garlic bulbs.  They say that garlic acclimates to your soil and climate so it does best if you continue to re-plant the biggest of your bulbs each year.

This year I put the garlic in the ground the first week in November which was followed by a rain shower and a week of nearly 60 degree days.  The garlic poked through it's heavy mulch in about 5 days.  I don't remember it showing up so early before, but maybe it did.

So this is how it looks today after a month of decent frosts and sitting in soggy, soggy ground despite the raised rows it was planted in.

A little wilted, perhaps.  As my father-in-law is prone to say, more will be revealed.

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