Friday, August 24, 2012

A Few Late Tries

I think it's possible that some of the worst damage the blister beetles did to us this year was keep me busy enough that I got behind starting seeds in time for some of the fall planting that I wanted to do.  I went ahead and put a few things in the ground anyway...I guess the weather will determine whether or not these plants produce anything.  Right now though, they look pretty good.

The plants I'm most excited about are a bed of Benary Giant Zinnias.  I'm really hoping for a few fall flowers.

A late planting of zephyr squash.

The purple hull peas that Monster Milan likes to play in should be ready to harvest in the next two weeks or so...I'm hoping they hold off until I get back from visiting my sister in Washington otherwise this may turn into a u-pick!

A few rows of green beans in front of this tractor are looking pretty good despite a few critter issues.

And more broccoli seedlings are enjoying the slightly cooler weather we've had in the last two weeks.

I thought yesterday's post looked a little dismal but not all hope is lost, yet.  


  1. If we want to come to your farm and buy direct, could that happen?

    1. Absolutely! I sent you an email this morning!